Thursday, March 12, 2009

MONITORing the problem

My favorite scene from the movie Die Hard is where Bruce Willis tosses a computer monitor down the elevator shaft. Why? Because I really hate computer monitors. From a recycling perspective, they are a toxic liability mainly because of the heavy lead content and the rest of the parts aren't worth much. As more and more people switch over to LCD flat screens the amount of monitors going to the landfills will grow at an ever increasing rate.

So I scratch my head wondering what else can we do with them? Is there some other use for a working computer monitor besides its original intended purpose? The biggest problem is that a standard monitor uses a VGA type of input, where your TV, VCR, DVR, etc. commonly use a composite type. To use a computer monitor as a standard video display you will need to use a composite to VGA adaptor. The cheapest one of these I have found is around $60, which is way too much.

So, lets open the discussion about other uses for old, working computer monitors. Maybe a really nice boat anchor? Better yet, keep one around to scare off terrorists!

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