Monday, November 23, 2009

A real conversation piece

Being in the recycling business, we get all kinds of weird things. Some are so weird they're cool. So cool in fact, you just hate to scrap them......

Case in point, this is a table made from part of a jet engine. We're sure that the super strong, lightweight alloy would fetch a dandy price at the scrapyard but the table concept is just totally rad!

Keep your creative juices flowing. Who knows, maybe something like this would make big money on ebay? Thanks to John Baer Metal Art for the photo. See his work at

If you are looking for a more practical use of recycled items around your house, we suggest you look here for some excellent advice on keeping it Green around your home!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Currently only about 15% of all electronic junk is recycled-which means the other 85% is there for the asking!
Millions of pounds of electronic junk go into the landfills every year. This equates to millions of dollars just rotting away in the landfills.
Electronic scrap is worth more than 10 TIMES that of automotive scrap, making it the #1 best paid scrap in the world!
You can work this business on YOUR schedule in your garage, basement or anywhere!

You can get electronic junk for FREE and you make money from it. Over the last 9 years we have learned all the tips & tricks, made it profitable and have written a book that explains every detail on dismantling, sorting and selling electronic junk!

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